The Cove at Overlake

Property Type:  Multi-Family
Investment Type:  Development


Property Information:
Year Built: 2014
Lot Size: 7.64 Acres
Construction Type:  Concrete Tilt-Up
Units:  132


The Cove at Overlake is the first concrete tilt-up apartments in the State of Utah.  Concrete brings significant upside to our group, as the property owner, and our tenants as the concrete eliminates noise transference between units and floors.  In addition to this, the concrete is impervious to rodents, insects and mold.  Because of the building type, carrying costs are lower thanks to the sustainable and energy efficient qualities of concrete, not to mention the reduced insurance ratings.  And finally, we are able to control costs better, because we don’t have the sliding scale cost of framing subcontracts, nor does the project take as long to build.